Report Server Database recovery

It can happen to all of us: a corrupt report server database, or a infrastructure replacement. Whatever the reason is, there are a few steps you should take after a clean report server installation. This has been tested and will work in most cases. You’ll need a few things before you can restore the report server database:

1. backup files last database

2. backup old tempdatabase

3. Backup encryption key:



It will not work without the database and encryption key. If you forgot to back-up the ReportServerTempdb, you can create a new Tempdb by creating a new database with the Reportserver Configuration Manager. As always, be sure is is the same version.


With these files on your recovery stick, perform the next steps:

1. Use Management studio to restore the two databases (behind the backup button). Choose file and select your .bak file. After a refresh, both databases should be back in the tree.

2. Open ReportServer Configuration Manager.

3. Connect to the database and run the Wizard ‘Change Database’ and  ‘Change Credentials’ to recover the databases .

4. Upload the Encryption Key with your stored password.

The report server should be back online now.

These issues can occur:

Web URL Missing

In some cases, the web service URL is missing. To put the url back, click apply in the report server Configuration Manager underneath the Web Service URL and Report Service URL .

No Rights

Although you are local admin, you have no rights in Report Server in your browser: Run Internet Explorer as administrator add yourself as admin in as well as settings as in the main folder.

Report server available as scale-out configuration.

If you replaced a back-up to a new report server, you will see the old database as a scale-out server. You can remove this server.